Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full Moon and Casino and a Cool Site

POMO alert---the 24th and 26th. Since last Thursday, Pomo day was a big drop to fake out everyone (except me, hehe), and hurt the bulls before expiry. I expect POMO to return to old antics.

26th is some Gann turn date too, so maybe we rally up for 3 or 4 days, and then resume down.

I did well shorting the Casinos 2 years back. Here are some ticker ideas for you.
Joe Six Pack bigtime spender doesn't do Vegas when mood goes down.

Just saying....stay on your toes, last year the 10 trading day cycle seemed to align amazingly with the moon, then it diverged for a while, maybe it's back.

this would mean a rise up.

Cable seems to be crawling up, after a Double-Footed Swan pattern (bottoming formation)

Check out site below. Most of their services are pay, but the 3C indicator looks pretty cool. On their Saturday post they analyze the 1987, 1929, 2001 crashes using the 3C indicator.


  1. Health care hmo's symbols. unh, aet, wlp.
    Goverment mandates on loss ratios, this caps margins. Small business dropping group coverage. Things are not good for these insurance carriers going foward. I shorted unh & aet.

  2. LoL, wynn is one of my favorite shorts. cable & euro looking real weak.


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