Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breakpoint Trades

I try to come up with my own original work, and it takes alot of time.   Sometimes I don't have that time, but I want to put a trade on (responsibly), so I do it the old fashioned way....I steal it.   I mean, I get it from

Breakpoint Trades

I only have 3 paid stock related services, but these guys are really good.    Patterns, Technicals, Fibs, and Elliot in due proportion.

Stock picking individual stocks that are ready to breakout has been a great way to keep the money flowing the right direction.   Not often a swing for the fences move, but say 4% to 10% in a week adds up over time. 

And Breakpoint Trades has a wicked good watchlist with just roughly, an 80% win ratio.   

This service is worth it.

I don't present their ideas here, try to come up with independent ones.    However, they don't mind if I post a chart now and then.

For instance, these indicators are updated daily, so you don't have to.   Just visit once a day, and you have your intermediate and long indicators at a glance, summarized in one spot.

If you sign up from this link, (full disclosure-- they do extend my membership, so thank you).

If your time is valuable-- leverage it by buying some top notch ideas from these guys

They have mechanical systems, and an extra pay option for auto alerts on trade setups in realtime.   And they monitor their blog continuously during trading hours, they provide trading advice.   They do daily updates of around 10 minutes duration each at night so you can digest it before the trade day starts, and a big weekend edition.

Mechanical systems, they have a free membership that I leeched from for a while, but the bottom line is that I want this information all the time, not just occasionally, or partially.   And I want the trades systems data-- these take the emotion out 100%--you don't get that with any watered down version.

Here is an example of their current watchlist, with the meat hidden, these are the trades waiting to trigger, see the alarm function also?

Sign up through this link please, it help me keep my costs down so I can keep throwing out ideas.

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