Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mutual Fund Money Flows - A Special Treat

Making charts from raw data, how old fashioned!

Here is a special treat for you.   I haven't updated this chart since january, note that the data is already a bit old, June 30.    Seems like just lately that alot more money has flowed to bonds.

Short and sweet:  BONDS ARE A TRAP!

All the HBB financial adviser bullshit about portfolio re balancing, shifting your bond/equity asset allocation, etc, it just that, a bunch of bull.    Bonds are a promise to pay, a paper asset.

Read this chart carefully, it's a real winner.   Especially if you are holding a bunch of bonds and feeling safe.

Check out this link to an interesting 40 page review of "Retirement Assets". I think this is important because it represents 35% of all wealth. And that means it's a big target, and HBB want's it. They don't want just to control it, they want IT. I expect this to be the next big battlefield. Financial ogliarchs will craft up legislation that gives them more access to your retirement savings. Here are some ideas---they force a percent of your retirement account into safe bonds "for your own good" further blowing up the bond bubble....they sell off at the top on their own bonds and leave you hanging on to a pile of shit. Or T-bills "Support America" the same as bonds, they use your money to feed a bubble, they sell off at the top, short it in fact, and leave you with a pile of shit. See how that works?

Charts below are from the ICI report

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