Sunday, August 22, 2010

Google has become stupid, Google Chrome is Horrible

I tried Google Chrome about a year ago, didn't like it, it caused some problems.

Then in order to have futures web page auto update, say every 5 minutes, I tried Google Chrome because I heard it had a feature to allow auto refresh of web pages.

Google Chrome is Horrific.   Google has become as dumb as Microsoft, they have reached the point of making non-functional software with major glitches that don't get fixed for half a year or more.

Many web pages click zones became non-functional under Google Chrome.  This is not just an annoyance.   We use computers as real tools -- the functionality of being able to click on certain areas and have other operations performed is essential, absolutely essential.  

Chrome did not have any option for opening up new pages in a new window, it forced you to open up in the "tabbed windows".   Some people may like tabbed windows, but they make no sense to me.  I use my mouse button to quickly close applications, i.e. specific windows/web pages that I am done using.   With tabs, when you click to close, ALL your tabs close.   Shame on me, but I lost a number of long blog posts and other work by inadvertently closing all tabs.

Google Chrome is Horrific

So I removed Google Chrome and my computer became even more jacked up.   Hyperlinks within emails became completely non-functional, and all my desktop shortcuts stopped working --- I have alot of those.  I use them 100 times daily.

So my main work and trading computer has been crippled by Google Chrome, for going on a week now.

I fixed it by reinstalling Firefox, and then setting Internet Explorer to default browser, AND rebooting.   But this is all after about 1.5 hours of research in which there were maybe 10 proposed solutions, with most people later reporting the solutions don't work.    I ran through several that were just dead ends that didn't even properly describe the correct features of the tabs and check boxes even though they were specifically talking about my OS (Windows XP).   Finally, one that claimed to work required hand editing of 6 or more places in the registry.

Now registry editing can be done by non-computer consultants, but there is a real risk that you can completely wipe out your computer if you screw something up.   So I didn't want to try that, only as a last resort.

Google Chrome is Horrific.

Look at this error reports from middle 2009, they still haven't fix this crippling disorder.

Here is a cool website, describing how to embed almost anything in a blog or webpage.


  1. FF is my main browser, I use IE for the occasional game that won't run under FF.

  2. Same here, and more convinced of that choice now. I use IE for some sites like Hussman Funds which just don't work well under Firefox


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