Friday, August 27, 2010

ELECTRIC VEHICLES / Nuclear Energy on the Radar

Pretty clear cut, electric vehicles will mean more nuclear plants.

Uranium's cost is something like 3% of the cost to run a nuclear plant.   In other words, it could skyrocket and have little impact on cost of electricity.   If demand goes up, price could go up alot.

The trouble is, I haven't found any good way to play this.   And it is a long term fundamental type bet.

Uranium Participation Corporation is a joke of an investment, kind of like UNG.



  1. Uranium miners, but wait to pick them up after the crash.

  2. I have 2 gold miners been doing OK.
    Next time I want to listen to EWI trading advice, please mercy kill me with an aluminum baseball bat. They are awesome at fundamentals, even though they call themselves technical traders. I find that immensely amusing.

    Do you continue to purchase Gold?


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