Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bullish!!! On the VIX

I only have 3 paid stock related services, but these guys are really good.    Patterns, Technicals, Fibs, and Elliot in due proportion.

And a wicked good watchlist with just roughly, an 80% win ratio.    But I thought this VIX chart was awesome.

This service is worth it.

I don't present their ideas here, try to come up with independent ones.    However, they don't mind if I post a chart now and then.

If you sign up from this link, they do extend my membership, so thank you.


They have mechanical systems, and an extra pay option for auto alerts on trade setups in realtime.   And they monitor their blog continuously during trading hours, they provide trading advice.   They do daily updates of around 10 minutes, and a big weekend edition. 

Futures are down overnight, big time.

The Yen tanked and hit a multi year trendline, see above.

I called this a "fake break of the upper triangle" and nailed that one, at least for now, lets see if the Yen weakens, that means USD strengthens.

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  1. nice steveo, got my vxx all ready for a ride.


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