Friday, July 15, 2011

A reader asked, What happens next?

For me, I will redraw fresh Bernoulli channels, some Fibonacci lines, and then do a cross market comparison of DX, Euro, Cable, in relation to the other currency (Gold), and retail Gold (Silver), and then mix in ES and TF. 

It is a beautiful full moon and that should portend a big move, however, the McC, see chart here--click the chart to update it, it not saying "big move" so maybe big move is delayed

Interestingly, alot of the real moves have been during "cash hours", maybe Benny and the Gang ran out of money to ramp the markets at nighttime.  But Sundays during the European session, have been quite exciting lately.    The various currencies can get ramped .7% in a matter of minutes...if you have a buy or sell order waiting in the weeds, you can catch really big moves and then trailing stop them.   The moves are so fast you can't get them just by watching and reacting.   

I think the powers that be like to have the markets perched on the edge of disaster....telling Gov to being back the easy money, the easy credit, but in the mean time we will create some chaos so we can financially blow up some companies and industries and buy them on the cheap.    Or bankrupt a few states and make a power grab for their infrastructure so they can then rent it back to the sheeples, like a continuous shear job.

Plus, they (HBB)  can point to Dodd Frank, 1 year old law, and point to the sideways market for one year, and that pretty much proves that "the real problem is regulation".    Of course it isn't, the real problem is lack of enforcement of existing laws, selective destruction of contract law, and a host of other things.   They want easy money and deregulation, so the upper echelons don't even have to consider a 2% chance that they might end up in jail, just remove the regulations completely.

I really don't think that it is alot more complicated than that.

The central bankers (not the elite, the thieves) have gained control over the governments, and now the markets.   Markets are driven by currency moves, driven by shenanigans and controlled media news.    What a sad state of affairs, but at least realize the playing field if you choose to play.   Out.


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