Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Charts

Example trade from BreakPointTrades, roughly .50 profit on 1000 shares, 2 days, price 17.42. Target is around 19, so I will set a profit stop at 18.75 (500 shares), and a "Stink Ask" of $19.50 for 500 shares just in case we just a big move up.

Matt from BPT gave me permission to post some of these Watchlist stock, note that I posted it Sunday, it filled Monday, now it's Tuesday. I have been doing really good lately on Euro and ES trades, but it is sure nice to get some of these "meat and potatoes" individual stock picks. Lets...see....if I can get 4 per week and make $2000 each trade, with 1 of 5 being no profit or small losers, that ought to be about $6000 per week. Hmmmm....so much for the day job.

BPT typically has 20 to 40 on the watchlist, a couple handfuls untriggered, some triggered and being tracked. Check them out, for $40 a month, it is an incredible deal. Sign on my link to the left on my blog. They got a free 2 week trial also.

Winner's remorse? What if it goes up more

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