Thursday, July 21, 2011

DRTV Pattern - Commit this to visual memory, and Forex comments

Let me explain one time. Much of the market is set up to deceive, by nature, just like a cheetah's camouflage. Sure, there are illegal, blatant, collusion type manipulations of the market, but that is not what I am talking about.

Certain patterns recur. The "smart guys" see a support or resistance and they place a leveraged bet. Then after 3 to 6 ---5 minute bars of "waffling around, confirming trend”, whatever, then the ticker bounces back to hit the same line again, maybe even pop that line a little harder/deeper. By then the "smart" money has moved their stops to breakeven, proud that they "predicted the market". Then they get stopped out. And then they don't go back in until the trend is “confirmed” this case maybe around 67.63, at that point expect a sharp snap back to the upside, send the retail running for the buy back button, as in “Sheesh, I knew this short position was going to be trouble”. Then maybe a Bearish Engulfing or a Dark Cloud cover and THEN when retail been whipsawed and had their lunch money taken, THEN the real move may commence.

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