Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buy PM at "Employee Pricing"

I am not affiliated with these guys except as a customer.

This is a great deal for a first time buyer/customer, you are basically getting gold and silver coinage at melt value, plus shipping.

It is a small package, but for those afraid to jump into PM's, this is a simply low risk way.

The current spot melt on this package is $389, and you can have it shipped to you for $405.69 total.

Check it out, you can even use a credit card.   The evil bankster industry charges most companies around 2% to 3% to "allow" the use of their credit card, what a scam.    They don't charge extra for using a credit card on this purchase.

0.1 troy ounce gold 1700 170
3 troy ounce silver round 33.14 99.42
5 face 

3.575 ounce
33.14 118.4755


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