Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frog Boil, Tasty if you catch it at the right time.

Last Sunday I Opined about a possible Frog Boil based on a proprietary indicator, the VIX/VXN Volatility Ratio. 

Here is that Opine.  Although prickly, not to be confused with porcupine.

 Well look above, first the 20 point drop to get the frogs to jumps into the pot, then a spastic increase in "heat" with occasional relief in temperature to convince the frogs to stay in the pot while tiring them out in duration.  Note the orange line the 38 Fibo as defined in the blue notes, which seems to be Gandolf saying "you shall not pass".   Let the battle commence.

And here is the 9-12-2010 Chart showing the "Frog Boil" in action

And a new indicator.   The PM Summation.   This is a sub-component of my "Fear Factor" indicator. 

It draws nice trendlines.   When money runs out of bonds, where will it go to? 

Real Estate (yeah right)
precious metals
US stocks
China stocks
Art work
More Harley's to sit in  the garage
Junk bonds

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