Sunday, September 18, 2011

Xray of Market Internals

Hey, if you at all appreciate this stuff, consider going to some adz, as these help support some of the ancillary costs of being in the market.   Comment volume has also dropped to near zero, some bloggers are throwing in the towel completely, and others are pondering switching to pay sites.   Change is in the air, and the equinox is coming up also, to mesh with Fed Meeting.

Here is the first market internal X-ray, taken with less than 1 mSievert exposure, and 5 seconds to digest.

Clearly, volatility has formed a bull flag, that means volatility likely to continue going up.   However, I wouldn't be the farm on this Xray alone.

At the bottom is Hawaii  Trading's custom Vix, we call it VOS (Volatility on Steroids).    It is a volatility ratio, which we think is harder to "game", in other words, more likely to nail the truth.

And here is a link to all those above$VIX,$VXV,$VXN,$VXB,$VXO,$RVX,$VXD,TVIX,VXX,XIV|C


  1. i wonder how to use the VOS indicator.
    what are the support and resistance numbers for possible entry and exits
    any ideas what the other vix indicators will do.

  2. simpler than you think.  
    when it bangs twice on the lower yellow, and then reaches the upper out, time to run!


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