Wednesday, November 7, 2012

counties won by Dem Rep

This Wall Street Journal site is awesome.

Strongholds of the Republicans
  1. Areas that actually "work" and produce, are massively Romney.   They in fact "are building that".

Strongholds of the Dems
  1. Old school areas on large bodies of water.  They are still living on past glory, looking for modern day handouts on the shoulders of our grandchildren.
  2. Hard hit areas from oil spills, hurricanes, are quite a bit Dem, looking for handouts.   Looking for Big Bro to save them.
  3. Areas with lots of immigrants.

Pretty simple really.
The black outline ones here are the counties that Obama won, very few geographically, but high density for electoral votes.   The blue shaded area have become "more democratic voting" since 2008

Below are the counties that Romney won, sheesh, anyone looking at this would say why is he not the president!

Here is the source website, check it out!

 Red is big win for Republicans

Blue is big win for Democrats

You know, if each party serves as a Watchdog on the other party, wouldn't it be better to have 3 or 4 watchdogs if that were really true? 

Or are these watchdogs just deciding how to split up the sheep?


  1. Hilarious!
    Love the sheep picture - it's worth a 1000 words.

  2. Hey, Steveo--Romney looks good on a map, but nobody lives there! ha ha ha Not a good way to win an election.

  3. And I don't want anything from people's grandkids...I just want my damn money back! Been paying into Social Security and Medicare for 40 years. Even if they keep the system going, I'll never get it all back, but no way am I stealing from the younger generations. The only thing I'm entitled to is my money. Gonna be pretty pissed off if D.C. doesn't hold up their end of the deal.

  4. I knew I could piss off at least 49% of the population with that one! Funny since being 21 I never thought I would get a bit of SS. hate paying that shit. As self employed, its 15%

  5. PS also my home state is Wisconsin, one of the big Obama supporters, although we got Walker....anyhow, those who live in glass houses can throw stones, my theory anyway, i know there are lots of good hardworking people who are democrats.


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