Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doctor J Charts of Interest

As one reader wrote....I don't know why but I keep thinking about joining the Army.

This set of charts from Doctor J who has insightful posts on Daneric usually will spice up the Christmas season.   What charts?


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doctor_jr wrote, in response to steveo77:

Well, go ahead with what you've already captured.  I just don't think my charts are particularly outstanding (otherwise I'd profit a lot more than I do).  On the other hand, I would guess the vast majority of the charts we see posted end up being wrong to some degree.  Heck, I'm still not sure how to chart P1 (if it actually exists) -- and it's been almost 2 years.  Context matters.  Hopefully we bounce our ideas around a forum like this and everyone trades with a more clear (though always imperfect) perspective.

Fireworks MX is now "outdated" so maybe getting it for free isn't outrageous.  The new version (Fireworks CS5) would cost about $300.  IMO, Fireworks MX is perfectly fine for most web applications.


  1. These charts are far too distracting - then again could act as a goal of successful trading!

  2. Interesting to see an ES count, EW thin on the ground these days - haven't been near Daneric's in months now.

  3. I am short this madness

  4. I am short this madness

  5. Closed at a decent but miniscule profit.

  6. hey, you still out there Ultra?

  7. PS stockdude is actually steveo77, just wanted a change of pace.

  8. Hey there, Steve. Yep, still out here. Post on ES now and again. How's things?

  9. This is steveo....good over here, knocking my head into fresh thinking of the market.    Trying to find the time to play individual issues, and then run a trade system on ES futures for profit and the tax advantage of futures.

    Mole banned me a while back after some constructive criticism...very disappointing at the time, but I got over it.    We all have baggage.

  10. Wow. Seems like that happens to a lot of people. Dude can definitely be a bit... prickly.

    Nice moon phase chart!

  11. Check out the VOS chart (volatility on steroids), it is wicked good lines.  
    Although I am fashioned long now, may close out tonight or right before open, as stats say closing a long "at open" it better than at close.

  12. Looks good.

    So you ever catch up with anyone else from the olden days?

  13. Not too much unless they stop in over here.  


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