Monday, September 21, 2009

This post in response to a "bullish" post on TK site. Sorry but it's for real.

Yes we are all bulls, Obama has saved the world, and now that we are on reasonable valuations and and even keel, we have also regained our work ethic, and industrial productivity. Trust has come back 100% , and we all know that the banker/gov can be trusted 100% with our 401K and SS money. All of the wars we are in are going fine, just like Vietnam, and we will win shortly here. Our debt is under control and there is no need to debase our currency to default on the debt. Housing prices are sure to stabilize and thus bring prosperity and the housing ATM back into the market. Obnoxious bulls are likely to gain humility and stop being snark. And all charts i made last weekend showing a clear end to this rally will be proven wrong, since the recession is proven to be ended by the fact that the stock market is going up. But besides all the awesome fundamentals, we also have Inverse head and shoulders showing the S&P to go to 1200 or more... so yeah, we are all f'n bullish. And when we have taken enough pain and rebuilt from a level that is appropriate--and have regained the little things that level the playing field and inspire creativity, investment, and hard the US constitution, then perhaps we can look forward to a "wall of worry" as opposed to a "ramp of pimp (tm)".

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