Sunday, September 25, 2011

FREE commodity newsletter

Hawaii Trading and Breakpoint Trades (BPT) is providing a free newsletter on Commodities.  Commodities got pummeled last week.

Here is a FREE 41 pages of professional grade chart analysis with Audio overlay.    Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, Tech indicators such as Slow STO, patterns and candle analysis.   All the stuff I like.

Check it out.   You can't watch everything all by yourself.    In reality, if you are going to run any money in the markets, you need to purchase some services.  

BPT is the real deal.    They have a free 3 week membership, but if you do sign up, use the link on the upper left on this blog as they will give me an extension on my membership, and I guarantee it does not cost you a penny more. 

Here is a link for the full-on FREE commodity newsletter, with Audio.

And if you want to sign up, use this link!

BPT sign up

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