Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Government an "Industry" ? Absurdity taken to a new level.

Hawaii normally trails behind the mainland by a year or two, however, in this case it looks like Hawaii is leading the pack. Did you know that Government is an "Industry". Get used to it -- big Gov is going to try to take over were "capitalism" failed. In fact it was not captilism that failed, but a lack of enforcing existing laws especially as it relates to conflict of interest.

Also note the attempt to tax websites....big Gov, big taxes. I am a believer in Government spending money inveting in things that make us stronger, making better infrastructure and systems that encourage market efficiency and competitiness. Heck, I even like the depression era work programs of creating national parks....Getting outside---it keeps us balanced, keeps us from getting too leveraged with too many lies.

This is the best business rag in the Pacific as far as I know.

I wonder if "Government Industry" has already been added to "Industrial Production" economic numbers.

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