Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop blaming the US for everything

I agree with other BLOG commentary, its not that dire as that article points out....Perhaps global Armageddon is at hand, but the US will not be somehow made the sole recipient of the pain.

And BTW, although I will lambast the government robustly, WTF with China now bitching after we "made" their country by them selling us trillions of dollar of craps we don't need. They werent bitching when WE let them have the Olympics. And what about all the resource countries selling us oil and commodities at triple or 10 times the normal net margin....were they bitching when the US low interest expantionary monetary policy was making them rich, taking a generation of profits in a few short years....

Everyone is always willing to take a pot shot at the US...but no one wants to remember the good that we have done for them.

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