Monday, July 27, 2009

Long Ideas - You Know What That Means!

These are all long ideas. There are some index triangles forming that could mean another blast off on the indices, and of course, most boatloads o' charts gets carried upward on the emotional tide.

That said, at 7 days of ups, we were at extremes HI-STO....remember we arent going to use that phrase "overbought", ever, ever again. Now I have stopped counting. The Hal 2000's have plenty of money in their war chests since blowing up the H&S, this charade can be continued.

UUP is covered in a recent post, its an ETF for the USD.

The others have strong candles--bullish candles, but out of 2000 stocks, I could only find 4 bullish candles. Good luck and be careful out there.

2 days of small moves on the NY McClennan I think it was 6.3 and 3.3, whatever, they were small, indicates a big move coming. Full disclosure, I have orders in for longs on a break up, and tight stops below.

I am surprised no one like my previous "Alien Fish Head" pattern...sheesh...
Tight lines and tight stops, this is way overbought territory (ouch, I didnt say that). Awoooooooo! Full moon can be a great time for fishin'

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