Saturday, July 11, 2009

WAT Profile of a triggered short

This one has 14% more to go from 49 to 43 on a measured move down from the rising wedge, and that also happens to be a 50%Fib. At 45 set a stop or take some off the table. A quick 10% gain is nothing to sneeze at.

This is just one of the many stocks detailed in charts and tables over the last several weeks, check out the old listings, and let me know if you see good new developments, since I do not have time to check them all. You can't be a leech all the time, or the host no post.


  1. First time on the blog. I joined your followers list.


  2. Thanks Jay, I always look for feedback on my strong opinions. Look forward to hearing from you more.

  3. PS great traders will not just admit they were wrong and take a loss, they will REVERSE the trade.


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