Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well known Contra-Indicator profit decline?

This much maligned publisher, often accused of being a near perfect contra-indicator in term of business news and cycles, looks like it has continued decreasing revenue.

If you read the story below, doesn't this seem like a tell that upcoming earning report should be even worse, compared to a 22% first quarter drop in April.

We have an interesting readership at Hawaii Trading. Perhaps a bit irreverent compared to some of the big Blogs, and of course none of this is ever to be taken as trade advice, but the attached visitor chart is interesting. Now what is up with Africa, in 1.5 months of blogging, I never seen a single hit from Africa. In 16,000 page views, NOT A SINGLE HIT from Africa. Is it a language thing, a computer thing, or a money thing?

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