Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This seems like great timing for a big turn downward, but there are large vested interests who want to see otherwise. Rebuilding a wall of worry from a lower point, along with rebuilding our industry, work ethics, and moral and legal accountability of all those in charge, are all necessary to the growth of country. Silly confidence based on lies is not good enough.

Or another teaser as the Gov hand out $5B to some undeserving bank, who then takes their cheap money and as they promised big Ben, they would promptly "invest" it in the market. Excuse me, is "jacking up" the futures market "investing".

No, but somehow they have convinced themselves, that if they can just "con"vince the populace to get their "con"fidence back, that 20 years of living beyond our means, and an entire bad business cycle can just be skipped. Fat Chance. But that doesnt mean they won't try. And they have our money and our children's money to use in the process. Ouch.

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  1. C has been rising like a turd. The media says it is "rebalancing". Do they mean that C buys its own shares to pump up the market? In the last 2 days, 25% of the NYSE volume is from C and BAC. WTH! Why don't they make them public sector banks? Do we need these stupid private banks? There are many countries in which public sector banks are outperforming private sector with solid fundamentals.


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