Friday, August 7, 2009

ES Popping Stops

Es Roadmap....don't get freaked's easy to see whats going on. Is that lower channel line from the March lows is broke to the upside...the market is going up. And we rocket into Armageddon from a higher level. Personally, if I am forced to jump off a roof, I would prefer to jump off a garage roof than a top townhouse roof.

Wow, I was glad to be hedged with LVS (Long -- yes this does mean that Pigs will Fly Into a Frozen Hell PWFIFH). tight stop under this....WTH, I am satisfied with 20% gain in 4 days...I went long after the breakout through 10 to 10.5.


  1. Hello, Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I like the blog and would like to trade links if you want to, I've already gone ahead and added you.

  2. Checked, I liked the irreverance and edginess, just don't steal my Tag Line...."Irreverant Relevancy".

    My LVS stopped out...for a nice profit. captured almost 17% this week even though they reported terrible earning this week.

    I signed up as follower, maybe you can do the same.


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