Monday, September 28, 2009

Berk USD Platinum and VIX - What do these have in common.

Berk, a former participant/partner at Evil Speculator, appears to have returned after running Amok in "Corporate America".  Mole, once cited Berk as the "Best Trader, barr none" even though he is only 25 YO.  Maybe this is like a young Gandalf riding into the fray at the turn of the tides...and so it begins.

Perfect timing.  My brother has been "out of the market" since April, busily working on 10 projects that improve his infrastructure and future profitability in a number of ways.  He just returned he "won"

Think of all that time I could have saved....or done something better with...trying to analyze an insane market on a daily basis.

Remember the 2004 to 2007 runup......think of how long that lasted whilst insanity was clearly the only pricing mechanism in play.  OK--substitute exuberance for insanity if you wish, or irrational.

Speaking of "Corporate nightmares" -- it is amazing how companies and governments can find the exactly wrong thing to do.  It is an amazing testament to the human being....that we can be so jacked up, AND YET still produce something!   I am extremely concerned that my beloved TOS while likely be pillaged by Ameritrade...I am learning my Interactive Brokers account functions so I can bail efficiently. 

The expected bad trades, poor service, and reduction in functionallity (to give the platform wider appeal) in TOS will probably happen at the worst P3, or they will just stop allowing shorts at all, and then the put pricing will become expensive of course.  OK, sorry, just wanted to say hello, and got into mini-rant.

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