Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Back......the H&S and Credit Dirt Nap

Xtrends, now going by Xtrenders, Atilla did an awesome post on total credit, and the amazing thing is that only just now does it look like credit will start pulling back. Total credit has continued going up through the last few years, and even now is increasing but the trend looks down.

Hmmmmm...no jobs, no credit, huge debt, no industry, and a sense of entitlement and moral superiority flying in the face of all evidence to the contrary.


  1. I need to see Evil Speculator community totally throw in the towel before going short S&P. They are like 80% stubborn bears.

  2. I have to say it still looks like a backtest to me after today.

  3. I hope you guys didn't think I really threw in the towel -- I just said I threw in the towel, hehe, in order to tank the markets. It actually worked for a little while. I publicly announced the "towel throwing" about 3 minutes before the market tanked. Watch for more "capitulations on the big boy blogs, and we will have GS wrapped around our fingers.

  4. Hook, see the new post with NQ "backtest and pole vault". I was trying to tank the market with my capitulation at this same time. It worked!, at least for a quick trade to get me out of the 40 DIA puts I picked up. They all move the same...just NQ moves first.


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