Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toll Brothers, for whom does the Bell Toll?

My old favorite Centex CTX disappeared in August.

TOL Toll Brothers a large house builder has had a 50% run up since bottom.   CEO has been selling like mad. 

Expecting rise in market tomorrow.  There was no big "distribution to the masses today, and I am sure big money wants to do more of that.

Consider some stink puts on Tol.   They are not too outrageously priced, and the volume is pretty good.

And finally, some comments at the far bottom about American GDP per capita compared to the rest of the G-20 and one of our finest exports....wowing them in Hong Kong.

And Citibank, one of the biggest recipients of taxpayer bailout, is closing many US branches, yet see below in our visitor log....they our visiting our humble little blog from China....same day as the headlines on US office closings.

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