Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cent D, Guest Poster on Evil Speculator

Cent D rocks...been reading his site for many Moons and Mercury Retrogrades.

And he find the coolest pictures.

And I am sure he is talking about me as one of the pissed off POMO f-me pump haters. I am still pissed about the blatant manipulation, as I think it has larger ramifications than just our trading accounts, but perhaps the point is---

You can be pissed, and actually, you should be pissed AND taking action. But limit the amount of energy you spend on being pissed, and CERTAINLY do not use anything as an excuse for your own trading decisions.

As TK so perfectly pointed out yesterday, the US is doomed. Yes, so stop fretting about that, and get on with making money, or plans to expatriate, or whatever. But stop fretting and wasting energy.

That said, I often thought Bill Cara was wasting his time with "Social Equity". However, I now agree that we should put some energy into Social Equity, and to pulling this life sucking squid from our faces.

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