Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Commitment of traders and ZEAL

I used to read these guys alot, but found that they were too one sided commodity bulls which doesn't mesh with my   "it's all going to go down" point of view.  However they do some nice charts, albeit too small, and then have some good ratios, and a long term look on things.

They were pimping out a report on 52 junior minors, which promptly after I bought the report, the juniors went to tank 75% to 90%.   

I also saw some old reports they did were they were utterly convinced of a S&P direction and then were totally wrong.   It is the utterly convinced part I have umbrage with...we are all wrong occasionally.


The COT guy that I follow his method says For Nov 2 week---Gold down, S&P down, crude down, Banks down.

Nikkei bullish,.

Natgas and 30 Year Bond nuetral.


  1. should get on the other side of their trades then.
    contrarian indicator

  2. They are so always bullish, the opposite position would be always bearish--which for now is fine, at some point in the next few years, or maybe even 5 to 10, there will be a bottom in commodities, and then if you are not on that wave, you will regret it.


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