Sunday, November 8, 2009

GMCR earning on the 11th after market

See last link, its quick data analysis on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters GMCR earnings, chart of course at bottom

By the way, the name of the little German Shepherd "mascot" of Hawaii Trading is Hanako von Grunenberg, which means Flower Girl of the Green Mountain ( Indeed, a Japanese speaking German Shepherd, and also speaks "dog")  

The earnings data is from a site I have dreamt of... historical earning data in tabular form, easy to copy to Excel, etc.    Thanks to Annamall for pointing out this site.

And finally, this trade idea also from Annamall, she is predicting upside...after all this is a bear market bull rally...and those 42% of the population who have jobs still want coffee!  Its a gamble for sure, but limited risk, high reward --that's the name of the game.

My thoughts...the McClennan was really small on Friday, around 1, and Chart of Charts says huge potential volatility.  Hurricane should push the anti-dollar down, pushing dollar up, and thus equities down.

Still this earnings play on GMCR can run independent of all that.

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