Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Size does matter

Some FET (Financial Entertainment Television) Spokesperson compared Current Unemployment to Employment as a Basketball to a Quarter.   An absurd comparison, showing how deep the rabbit hole runs.  This is not just about being optimistic, they are trying to deceive.   A more fair comparison would be a Tennis Ball to a Ping Pong Ball. 


  1. G'day...hehe...Thanks for visiting my blog. What you say is so true - liars all - but GE has an awful lot of skin in the game. I don't suppose we should expect them to be particularly forthcoming if it's really as bad as we think it is. BTW, I still like my analogy of deflating the B-ball by 22% (SGS Alternative) better....

    Did you find the Australian School post funny? A number of my family members found it confusing and/or nonsensical but they don't spend as much time immersed in this stuff...


  2. Yeah, I thought that Australian bit was funny as a flying pig flying into an icy hell. And that's funny!


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