Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beginning of the End Game

OK, here is a theory....maybe even an original one.

Fed says something unique tomorrow, after all big Ben is pretty creative.  Market goes wild, rallies 3 to 4 %, sweeping an incredible number of stops that have been tightened up for the FOMC occasion.  Adding fuel to the fire.   Boom.  That's it.  Citi, Fannie sell their last shares they need to unload to Calpers under a "programmed momentum buying program".  

Thursday...crash back, blamed on expiry. 

Well, it's a thought anyway. 

It is amazing that the market has come this far regardless of the amount of intervention, who'd of thunk it possible? 

Stink puts.....set your price low...and see what happens....maybe some will hit.

The great evil bald one speaketh at 2:15 EST, Wed.   

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