Monday, December 14, 2009

From the Department of "Alternate Realities Applied to Real World Situations"

This article today talks about the "Abu Dabhi Bailout of Dubai".

The ramifications are that the general populace now accepts "Bailouts" as good strong positive things....the "one government" approach.

I can hardly believe that after all the events since say, the Tech Bubble of 1999, that I can still be astounded.   To have Governmental bailouts be embraced as a good thing, is amazing.

Some of the other language is this article is also amazing.  It call Dubai World it's "Chief Growth Engine", reminiscent of some organic growth of industrial strength such as the building of the rail system in the US.

And it describes the possible default as a "humiliation" by the "boomtown's star companies".

Since we have alot of new followers, I am linking back to some other posts I did on Dubai.

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