Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas to all, thanks for stopping in.

And in a rare turn of events, I decline to do even a partial rant.

But I will print what willthethrill had to say yesterday as a Comment on Hawaii Trading.  BTW, y'all can comment's free!

"I think the sell-off in Jan is as advertised as the Christmas rally if not more. I say we drop 2%+ first of next week to shake out all these late arriving bulls and punish those that covered yesterday and today. Shorting here was risky and I think those that did get rewarded. I think at this point a significant drop in the last few days of the year is the last thing anyone expects."

But for those who are wishing for a Bearry Christmas, please review this link to an October 24 prediction for the DWC Total Market.  And then look below for it's present condition, which is A=C

This may be a transition point for the Bears.

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