Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bees, Houses, and Socionomics

Check this link.  Great stuff on economics, cooperation, history, evolution.
HOUSING solution--too many people have too much square footage.  No matter what you do, they can't sustain keeping these houses.  Give them to Fannie or Freddie, then CPR them, make them into duplexes, and rent them out so people don't have to go live in tents.   This will be a shot in the arm for the construction industry, and it will also create realistic size living units out of unrealistic size living units.

I have had a theory for a few years that a series of implosions has been planned by HBB, allowing the banksters to buy up all the companies and assets of all sorts on the cheap.

18 months ago big brokers started hiring bankruptcy restructuring experts by the hundreds.  They loaded up leveraged buyouts with debts, and now the vultures stay perched.

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