Friday, January 29, 2010

Freedom of Lots of Cash

I flattened most of my trades as posted prior.

Then I had a "no work" day so I could day trade.

The difference being, I had good amounts of buying power and the ability to make decent money with small market moves.

Played SDS, QID, QLD FAZ FAS in 2000 to 3000 share blocks.

Took a loss by closing my JCI short on the morning bounce, that was only losing ticker of the day.

But by far my best "trading" day ever.  

Closed one of my TOS accounts up a solid 10% on the day, 42% on the year.   Very nice, I think I will like 2010.

Chime in with some War Stories.

Ended the day with SCHN still short.   That is tying up some serious cash.  Their drop has been so sharp, seems a little greedy to expect more drop.  Tried to close out as shown below, but no bites.

See above, the SEC like to beat up on the small guys....must make them feel good, while they turn a blind eye to the Grand Theft World unfolding weekly and obviously before our eyes.

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