Monday, January 25, 2010

Japan -- Straight Scoop

Supposedly S&P cut Japans debt rating to AA, still good, but hasnt been cut that low since 2002....hmmm, since the last recession (PS we are still in the 2007 recession, duh!!)

Lets lay it down, my 12 year old nephew in Japan is doing math work that Big 10 college students students.  Japan has a work ethic, and view of "what is right". 

Certainly they have corruption in politics, as everywhere.   But they know how to play golf and they keep their eye on the ball.....the economy, STUPID.   Bill Clinton had that one down....if the economy is good, you have options....if the economy is bad, all the oratory in the world will not get you more will be run out of town.

Japan has industry...making real products that people want to buy.  

In this coming period of me....come up with a name for "it there will be changes...and countries that produce actual products, will do "OK".

Countries that just produce lying financial bullshit, will have some serious problems.....I mean serious

How about "the GREAT RESET"

Any other suggestions for the coming "episode".  

And with out further ado....some charts.

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