Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The USD carry trade, what a beautiful joke/farce/trap, And GET REAL

OK, here how it plays....
HBB and its affililates, the news agencies of the US and elsewhere, talk up the USD carry borrowing cheap in USD and then sending money elsewhere to earn greater interest rates (aka return, aka margin, aka yield), is the new thing.

Let's say that enough people get in on that, during this wave 2 consolidation of the dollar.   When wave three hits....dollar skyrockets, and people bailout out of that carry trade at all costs.....Wow.

Just say you saw it here first.....the blasphemy of the carry trade...unless you know the game.

And GET REAL--how could this "rally" possibly play out differently.   At the point-beyond the point- of everyones reality curve.   People are in disgust.  Most real know there is a Ponzi scheme going on, but they are willing enough to play along.  Even the fundamentalist technical traders....ouch....

The game is over, get long or never go will miss the next rally leg and you know how missing that hurt you...or worse, you shorted it.....

Get with the game....this is a one way street...up....inflate up and hope the sheeple don't care they are actually losing value.   

Get with the game!  Damn it!  

Pick your short tickers and get ready.  GET IT?  Pick your shorts now.   Don't enter them now....find them and pick them and price points, and print them.  

Your trading facilitator will "amazingly"lose all your charts and trade lines.....get ready for it.  

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