Sunday, February 21, 2010

1984 - A great book

I first read the book 1984 in 1977.

As a school boy, I was curious whether these things would come to pass.   1984 came, and it was not even close to the books predictions/theories.

2009 /2010 has come and some of the analogies are striking / shocking.
 A reader commented via email----

"So they pass bills to address every problem/crisis that comes up and labels them 'appropriately'.

Patriot Act, Financial Reform Bill, Worker Protection Act of 2006, and so on. "
If you haven't read 1984, put on your tin-foil hat and read it!

Homegrown Terrorists flying planes into Gubbermint buildings -- Time's they are a changin' -- The elimination of the rule of law, intervention in numerous aspects of a formerly free marketplace, yes this is all "Change that we can believe in"

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