Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blow off tops everywhere and Investment Grade Bonds going off!!!!

"I see them everywhere" like ghosts of prophets past.

Blow off tops that is.   On many of my favorite tickers to watch.   Not the current watchlist, but many of my old favorites. 

 Just noticed, Investment grade bonds shooting through the  They say that bond traders are a bit smarter than their equity slinging cousins.  Does that mean someone knows something?   Like the Greeced wheel is about to come off the cart?   Time will tell.

One strategy is to set a "short on weakness" order.   Say, if /ES drop to 1118, then short X futures at market.   Or you could say above 1117.5 but on a strong down, you might not get filled.

I have played this short on weakness on the Euro for weeks with good success... you wake up, make a coffee, brush your teeth, and then open your box of chocolates and see what you got!

And here are some "indicators" without time for comment.

Time is very important in the markets, once of the least focused on things by the "Establishment".   That's a good way to know that it is one of the things you should look at closely.   Whatever "they" dangle in front of your face day in and day out, IS NOT, what will make you money.

I had a super tight stop on SRS and got stopped out, may regret that, but then, it is better to regret not being in a position than regret being in a position.  But I still may regret it tomorrow.

Everyone knows going long into the weekend pays off, right?   Well not so much lately. 

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