Saturday, March 13, 2010

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You could study this for a lifetime, read many books, or you can get it here in 30 seconds.

The eggheads have no idea what is going on, especially when it comes to the most important thing in our solar system, the Sun.
The sun is the source of all energy, without it, there will be no life.   With too much of it, same effect.

Sunspots are important, they are massive releases of energy.   Lots of sunspots does not make the earth warmer, it makes it cooler because it produces more clouds, which then reject heat from the planet.  There are more effects than just this though.

There is a pretty good chance that what we are really facing IS NOT global warming, but global cooling, ushered in by a potential new era of lots of sunspots.   However, that may not be in the near future.  And there might be some BIG changes in the meantime, waiting for the next cooling/motivating cycle.

A large sunspot storm could cause massive damage to Human's infrastructure.  Hundreds of billions in damage, maybe more.  But we can't spend our time and emotional energy worrying about such things.

Hot drought times (like recently) tends to head humanity toward socialism, communism, decadence, and fanaticism, as it has done in 26 previous time in the last 26  100 year cycles.  Sharp turns to the left, in and effort to "help" the economic situation pushed forward by various forms of regimentation.   Social insurance of many forms comes into being.  My main source for this information was written in 1983.  It is out of print, but contact me if you want to try to get a copy and I will help if I can.

The cycles go like this:

Hot Dry
Cold Dry
Cold Wet
Warm Wet

Each has distinct characteristics that repeat themselves again and again.

But my 30 seconds are up, and in keeping with the hot dry that we are transitioning from, I am going to party at "Fight Night".


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