Sunday, April 18, 2010

1981 Movie Predicts Current Crisis

This movie made almost thirty years ago is worth watching, 7 minutes.

Also, a blogger asked what I thought of the long term count, and I had this to say.......

I am just not sure that wave counts work over long periods of time.   The varying rate of change of value of a currency seems to be crucial and yet there is no "fair way" to take that into account.   You can price things in gold, but gold itself "trades" and is also quite emotional and related to fear.

I think that we are all f'd based on fundamentals, attitudes, declining resources, worsening weather, "emerging" markets wanting to not just emerge but to rule, terrorism, the cancellation of contract law, torture, governmental control of markets and business.  Most of all....attitudes.   The world has lived far beyond it's means, and it is going to take serious pain to wipe the smirk off the "entitlement generation" collective face.

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