Thursday, April 22, 2010

New ETF's on Regional Banks

KRU will seek daily returns equal to 200% on the KBW Regional Banking Index.

It is not easy to find the components of the KBW, one site shows this, impossible to read the table with the small viewing box.

Then if you save the PDF to your computer and open it, you can see lists the top components, but these only add up to a small percent of the total.

Here is the KBW Bank Sector Index, not to be confused with the KBW Regional Banking Index. Note the ease of confusion though.

AHAH! Finally, at the source, a list of the components, 50 total components.

And I converted to a spreadsheet and put it here.

Any geeks out there want to check some of those charts and pick bull or bear based on components?   Lots of work for sure.  Would really be interesting.

And KRS is the new single short on the index, good volume so far, on both.

Some other tickers of interest, XLF, SKF, SEF, UYG, and the infamous SRS.  

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