Friday, April 16, 2010

Tin Foil hat Thoughts

How dare the SEC bring charges against Goldman.

Perfect time to withdraw the bid and let the market crash a little. 

How appropriate that after stupid bulls gloat and enjoy paying their capital gains taxes on their "profits" from last years "investing", then as the put call sinks, wipe the smile off their faces.

Don't forget, this market has been and is likely to continue to be, highly manipulated for some time to come.  The powers that be are not likely to let any bears have any free ride.   Media manipulation should continue and even ramp up.

Too bad this is all such a bad joke on society.   A very costly joke by powers that be that seem to want to preside over the demise of America while shifting (stealing) wealth.

Take a long walk in the woods and don't be deceived (but don't them take you to the woodshed).

Out.   Big working weekend, will try to post something.

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