Monday, May 31, 2010

German President Quits His Job

These things are very rare, and are usually caused by a multitude of factors.   After all, reaching the position of ruling over one's fellow men is somehow hardwired into us as being very important, the "Alpha male".  However to quit and leave this situation means things are very serious.  

Germany will need to quit the Euro, and then live with the anarchy and riots that will rout Europe.   Or it will be taken down bit by bit by it's less well off and more fiscally irresponsible neighbors. 

There will be a whole new age of "austerity" and "responsibility" that will perfectly reflect that all attempts for countries to inflate their way out of debt (default by printing) is not working and that deflation is already on the way.  

Walmart dropped their already low prices, China is operating on 2% profit margin.  How will precious metals do in this environment?   Really, I think that is the question of the day/decade.  

All paper assets are at risk.  All future promises are at risk.  People and countries have been enslaved with debt and laws, now the beginning of the endgame starts.

Lack of productivity, lack of demand for buying, and poor resource utilization (we invested in a lot of stuff that won't be put to good use), as well as the socio-economic-anthropology (SAE)effects of a grand Super Cycle top will play out. 

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