Sunday, May 2, 2010

Greece the wheels

It look ominous out there, after reviewing about 100 charts in my "universe".

There are no new internet news articles on the Great Oil Spill (GOS) on US sites, since April 30th. Only found one on a UK site. This indicates to me that the problem is way worse than ever reported, and that a cover-up is underway, regardless of how impossible it will be to cover this up.

Here are some compelling pix of the spill

I found this site after my "guess" that the spill was much worse because of the lack of news coverage.   Check them out.

However this Greece bailout, at 3 time the original amount, it likely to spur the markets upward. Euro should be relieved, and continue it's upward path.

But time will tell. It is blatantly obvious that the financial markets are being highly controlled / manipulated. My best recent results have been from using a support and resistance daytrading method. But that is not always possible when this little thing called work rears it's ugly head.

There will be a massive upheaval, and that may be next week or 3 to 6 years from now, it will be world changing from our current perspective. This is a 1970's re-do....but will be far more dramatic. The fundamentals have changed for the worse.

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