Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Ben Says "No Double Dip", "No Euro Problems"

This is very easy to interpret.   When "they" hold a press conference to restore confidence, you can rest assured that the truth is the opposite of what you are hearing.

Double dip is almost guaranteed.  

Euro is toast.  
The ramp job today on the Euro was a good short sweep....yeah they got my shorts

Think how great that is....devalue the entire Euro, European exports go up, esp Germany.   Sure they hate the loss value of saved money, we all do/all will.   But it's better than Europe blowing up at this time.   Actually, it may be better for Europe to blow up right now (split from the Euro), in the long run.   But in our "kick the can" society, they are at least hoping that devaluation of the Euro is the least painful thing.

Japan is already bitching because the weak Euro is hurting their exports, the US will see this effect too, and then US will print more and "regain a competitive edge".  

This bizarro world is more understandable when you don't over complicate/over think things too much.

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