Monday, June 14, 2010

FW: Trying to auto post

There is an amazing amount of time spent in just the physical process of attaching charts, entering the blog adjustment zone. The below is a simple email I send to a certain address, and then the blog is updated automatically. Sounds cool, seems to work.

Also I am using a new HTML format for the blog. I wanted to cimplify it, and many people complained that it was slow to navigate around in. Funny thing is, the old one was always fast on my computer, this new one seems slow to scroll.


PLEASE this better or worse, in what way.

I simplified many of the links (removed many) if there was one you really like that is now gone, let me know and I will restore it.


  1. Seems to scroll slower to me... I like the out of focus background photo though.

    I read most of your posts in my RSS reader, so either way it's not a big deal.

  2. used to be horribly slow , now with new computer its tolerable - too many large photos or other graphics is likely the problem

  3. well, this small sampling solves nothing. it's loading and scrolling a heck of a lot faster for me, so I'm loving it.

    maybe it depends on the browser one uses? or browser plus platform?

    this technology stuff will be really cool once they iron out the kinks.


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