Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2.5B Barrels of oil

They delayed the "testing" of the cap.

Huh?   the Cap is now on a solid bolted flange connection.  There is little need to test the cap.

The whole intent and delay behind putting this new setup in place is the worry behind whether the well shaft itself is damaged, and most likely it is.     All 2.5B barrels could flow out if it is.  

Or they are forced to try to shut it off via the bottom kill, which if the well structure is very damaged, might not work, or if it does, mean they do not get the oil.  These are oil men, they want the oil.   Let me repeat, they want the oil.

This delay, like all the other delays on reports of events, are when they are tyring to come up with the next step and spin the truth.    The bottom kill might work, in the 1979 gulf spill, it took 2 bottom kills to stop the well.

This delay is actually meaning bad news.

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