Thursday, July 29, 2010

Static Kill?

Just saying....but what is the difference between the so-called static kill and the old top kill that failed?

I think what it is, is simple--they want the oil.   They don't want to kill the well, they want to capture it. 

The reporting on it is still atrocious, a complete joke.

In a way though, it is probably a good thing to remove the oil from that reservoir.  The best way to relieve the pressure on a possibly unstable well, is to, well, remove the pressure by removing the oil.


  1. I think QE2 is being bantered, but if they (big ben) can scare enough people out of the USD to weaken it, they won't have to print. However, flight to safety won't help that, and my EW count on dollar and Euro says dollar goes up soon, probably in a third wave....

    What say you?

  2. Right on, Steve, about the reporting. I think the current generation of 'journalists' have mastered the form of writing news stories but have no idea how to investigate and analyze events to provide the real news. It became glaring after 9/11, and I thought, OK, it's war, they're being patriotic or something. But it never got better again, event after event after issue after issue. Our fourth estate has become a serious joke, and the self-appointed blogosphere replacement is just as bad or worse. A real shame.

    Yeah, dollar going to kick some butt all the way into the 4th quarter, which can't be good for stocks. Any time now....

  3. Once I saw reporters "embedded" with front line troops, and then Geraldo and Peter Arnett getting fired / kicked out because they were saying things that the Gov didn't want to hear....I knew we were in for some dark days.


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