Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Very odd happenings on the BP Oil Spill

None of this stuff makes sense given the information they are giving us.

The well is likely blown out, and there are also political and economic maneuverings going on.

Why in the world would they stop the relief wells that are 98% done.


  1. Oilegeddon? Seems appropriate I'm listening to a Peter Gabriel concert while reading this and he's singing "Downside up......"

    This is so f*cked. It's all so f*cked...

  2. Well even 2.5B barrels leaking out wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would sure suck up the resources of the UK / US semi-alliance, for a long time, be bad enough to displace millions of people, last 5 years to a decade, jack up the cost of oil in the US.....heck it would be good for the PV market, thats bullish!!!! ouch.

  3. Hi steveo - it's not just the GoM. It's all of the BIG LIES out there now. We're in Afghanistan because Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan. Our Banks are Solvent. Our Government is moving towards fiscal prudence. Bombing Iran will help stabilize the Middle East. Lindsey Lohan is misunderstood....hehehe

  4. I see you noticed the "Semi Hot Cutey Girls get attacked" indicator....same with Brittany and Paris Hilton.


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